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Review: The Ghost On My Couch by L.A. Gilbert

The Ghost on My Couch - L.A. Gilbert

This was such a lovely little story.

Unexpectedly touching and well-written, ‘The Ghost on My Couch’ was one of those novellas that you wish didn’t have to end. Not only because it was a sweet if clichéd storyline, but because the author did a really wonderful job of creating loveable and well-rounded characters. Alex, a male nurse with not much of a social life and the personal kryptonite of being attracted to only “beautiful” men, was such an easy character to read about. His reaction to having a “ghost” on his couch was pretty spot on to what I was expected: a complete freak out, followed quickly by an “I must be crazy” assumption.

Sid, similarly, really struck a cord with me, especially with his somewhat self-depreciating gentle giant syndrome. It was something I could easily relate to - I'm tall and "big" myself (I also saw nothing wrong with his bunny slippers and ghostbusters tee, so, you know, maybe I'm projecting) - so I ended up really cheering for him, even if he was a bit too good to be true. The whole relationship was a bit too good to be true, but then I'm not complaining about that at all. 

Overall, the story progressed naturally and ended on a high note. It was definitely a 4.5 star read for me, with only half a star being removed for a combination of being a bit too cliched and a bit too short (we never get to see the courtship between Alex and Sid post Sid waking up from a coma). A light and sweet read, I'll probably read it again sometime in the future when I'm looking for a pick-me-up.